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A journey of 1,000 miles does not begin with a single step, but with the purchase of a matching suitcase. It must be able to take all your luggages and easy to carry. But where can you find such an ideal suitcase?

Karry24 is the first address to choose if you want to buy suitcases with high quality online. In our shop there are a large number of models to meet all your demanding on the road or in daily working life. Hard shell suitcase with large capacity and robust cases, sport bags for transporting your professional equipments, top case for a spontaneous ride… all that and more can be found at Karry24. Our assortments are listed below:

  • Hard shell travel Case
  • Hard shell boarding case
  • Sport bag
  • Motorcycle top case
  • Travel accessories


No trolley no journey
Order a suitcase for your next trip now, by which you could leave in all circumstances! Whether you're waiting for your flight, on board of an ocean yacht or relax at sandy beach of a South Pacific volcanic island: The hard shell case as hand luggage awaits faithful by your side and your possessions are protected from moisture, pollution and criminal access. Due to the colorful and innovative designs you do not need any extra luggage accessories to identify your suitcase at first glance.


Due to the more strict Flight security measures each of our hand luggage suitcases is equipped with a TSA lock. This is unlocked by a combination of numbers, but can also be opened by customs and security authorities by a master key. If there is no TSA lock, when your suitcase is committed in case of suspicion, for the purpose of controlling, it might be forcibly damaged. If necessary, you could also order a luggage belt or -lock with TSA-assurance at Karry24 to upgrade the safety of your belongings. If you want to know the weight of your luggage at any time, you can also find practical digital luggage scales from our online shop.

plenty of space
Thanks to the intelligent designs we offer you different sizes of suitcases up to 120 liters, but smaller sizes such as 60 to 85 or even 30 liters (hand luggage) are also available. Order it for your individual travel requirement! All impressive designs in our shop were developed by us: You will find both colorful trolleys with distinctive designs as well as simple and elegant style. Why not take advantage of the surface of suitcases to give a characteristic impression?

Far away from home, family and everything that you are familiar with, step into a new place, you can only rely on yourself...and your suitcase. Purchase a suitcase from our online shop, start a journey with a smile and the best companion!

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